Summer College: Introduction to Blackboard 101

As an incoming freshmen or transfer student "you should be prepared for when your professor says: Please locate all your coursework on Blackboard”. As you familiarize yourself with our campus this summer, please know that The CHANCE Program (a non-traditional academic support unit) has designed an online workshop that will prepare you to successfully navigate our Blackboard Learn Portal. Through this interactive hands-on workshop you will become "more familiar" with this online environment. Blackboard Learn (Bb) is a course management - web-based service used at UIC to support and augment 21st century teaching and learning. In this less than 30-minute workshop you will receive a comprehensive Introduction to Blackboard and practice its tools with your professors and classmates.

Workshop Outcomes: In this workshop students will learn:

The basics of Blackboard, how to open class pages, access a syllabus, explore tools, how to navigate the site, participate in discussion boards, locate announcements, view grades, file sharing and how to utilize its features. Students will also learn that in order to be successful in an online course it is important to familiarize yourself with the overall structures, lay-out and elements of the Blackboard environment.


Incoming first-year and transfer students should register for this workshop.



To register: login to, click on UIC Connect and scroll down to Summer College.


This session begins June 1st 2020 and will be available throughout the Summer College. Upon registration, you will receive an email with more instructions regarding your next steps in accessing the program.


Dr. Phyllis P. Hayes
Contact Email: