Summer College Seminars

Seminar Days 2019 is designed to provide you with the opportunity to receive information about a variety of topics designed to make the transition to college a little easier. You can register for multiple seminars offered during the third and fourth week of Summer College, but MUST register and attend at least one. Each seminar is offered between morning and afternoon Summer College workshops. You are guaranteed to find a topic of interest to you!

To register for a seminar, please go to your portal ( and click on "UIC Connect".  You will see "Summer College" on the bottom, left-hand corner of the portal. Click on "SEMINARS and ONE-DAY PROGRAMS" and select your preferred seminar.





ACE: Managing Your Time for Academic Success
July 8, 2019

Your UIC experience will give you significant personal freedom but will also challenge you to make good decisions about using your time effectively. Do you know how to manage your time in such a way as to maximize your academic performance? In this seminar, we’ll discuss how you can plan and schedule your UIC and personal activities so that you can successfully perform important academic tasks-attending classes, doing homework assignments, preparing for examinations, and completing writing and other projects-while reserving enough time for sleep, exercise, fun, and perhaps a job.

LOCATION: Behavioral Sciences Building- Room 311

Seminar Contact:
Jon Mann


Advising 101: What You Need to Know about Academic Advising!
July 8 OR July 16, 2019

This session will cover the basics of what academic advising is, particularly related to first-year students. It will answer the question of “What IS an academic advisor?!” and discuss some things advisors can and cannot do. Attendees will learn how to prepare for an advising appointment and discuss the roles and responsibilities of both students and advisors. Although it will specifically discuss academic advising in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, any first-year student at UIC could benefit from attending to learn more about this important resource for their time at UIC.

LOCATION: University Hall- Room 850

Seminar Contact:
Katie Michel


Commuter and Off-Campus Programs: Resources for a Smooth Commute
July 11, 2019

Commuting is a reality for most students who attend our urban institution. This workshop will introduce those of you who do not live in campus housing to tips and “tricks” related to being a smart commuter directly from seasoned UIC commuters. The workshop will also explore ways that you can connect socially with other commuters and give an overview of technology resources to aid in the daily commute.

LOCATION: Behavioral Sciences Building- Room 311

Seminar Contact:
Kristina Garcia


Why Should I Take a Course in Philosophy
July 15, 2019

It is sometimes thought that philosophy is an exercise in pointless speculation with little relevance for everyday life. In this fun and interactive seminar we will dispel this myth. A course in philosophy will help you develop critical skills that (1) will help you do better in all of your other courses, (2) will help you do better on standardized tests like the MCAT, LSAT, and the GRE, (3) are highly valued by employers, and (4) will help you understand, evaluate, and defend your worldview, which guides many of the most important choices you will make in your life.


Seminar Contact:
John Whipple


Engaged Humanities at UIC: From Classroom to Community
July 12, 2019

How can you use what you learn in your history, literature, art, music, or philosophy class to change the world?Come learn about this new exciting program at UIC, where undergraduates can move from special first-year seminars to independent research projects, with funding available for internships, study abroad, or archive work.

LOCATION: Institute for the Humanities

Seminar Contact:
Ellen McClure


Financial Aid 101
July 11, 2019

Learn about critical resources that will help you navigate paying for college. Topics will include how to borrow loans, complete verification, checking your bill, and other important financial aid items.

LOCATION: Behavioral Sciences Building- Room 250

Seminar Contact:
Maria Mercedes Morales


Get To Know Your Library: Spaces, Services and Resources for Academic Success
July 17, 2019

How can the library help you in your academic success? Using a university library for the first time can seem overwhelming, given the size of the space and the sheer volume of online research tools and resources at your disposal. Not to worry--this session will acclimate you to all the resources and tools available to you as UIC Students.

You will explore:

- library spaces and how they can work for you
- when and where to get help with research assignments for any class
- the expectations for college research assignments and what you can do to prepare for success

LOCATION: IDEA Commons Classroom, UIC Library

Seminar Contact:
Jennifer Jackson


Healthy Relationships
July 8 OR July 17, 2019

Let’s face it­—UIC is a big place. With over 27,000 students and 10,000 faculty and staff, we’re bigger than many people’s hometowns. While it’s unlikely that you’ll interact with everyone here, there are still a lot of relationships to develop. And research has shown that the best indicator of graduation (besides going to class and doing your homework) is having a strong network of relationships on campus. Campus Housing wants to help you build a large network and make that network strong. So whether you’re already going to be living on campus, interested in finding out more about how Housing can help you succeed, or just want to take advantage of an example of the help we provide our residents, come learn about building healthy relationships. This session will go over what healthy relationships look like during your first year of college. Roommate relationships, relationships with significant others, friendships and family relationships all contribute to how successful your first year in college will be. At the end of this session, we hope that students will leave with knowledge on how to identify and engage in meaningful relationships with others. Presented by UIC Campus Housing.

LOCATION: Behavioral Sciences Building- Room 250

Seminar Contact:
Dr. Nick Ardinger


How Fellowships Can Help You Maximize Your Potential
July 8, 2019

There are organizations outside UIC that provide funded opportunities, or fellowships, for students to pursue their interests and goals beyond what you might think is possible. UIC’s Office of External Fellowships (OEF) exists to help our students find external fellowships that match their interests and to advise and support students through the application process. This session will introduce incoming students both to the resources that OEF provides and to the different types of fellowship opportunities that they may choose to pursue during college.

LOCATION: Behavioral Sciences Building- Room 319

Seminar Contact:
Kim Germain

L@s Ganas: Thriving in Science as a Latinx student
July 11 OR July 15, 2019

UIC attracts a lot of first generation college students, especially from the Latinx community. This can make you feel that you are blazing a new path and that can weigh heavy. Your new path is actually well-worn. Come meet students, staff, and faculty from the L@s GANAS (Latin@s Gaining Access to Networks for Advancement in Science) program who are on that path and here to assist in your success. We will talk success strategies over lunch.

LOCATION: Behavioral Sciences Building- Room 337

Seminar Contact:
Veronica Arreola


Latino Cultural Center: Walls of Empowerment, Resistance & Hope
July 10, 2019

The UIC campus is a microcosm of Chicago’s rich cultural diversity. Your personal and academic growth at UIC will be shaped by encounters with familiar and “different” people, and one way to experience and understand this rich diversity on campus is through the power of art and storytelling. In this workshop, you will be exposed to a mural which we will use to share stories, learn from each other’s perspectives, and challenge ourselves to be agents for social change. Weather permitting, we can also visit the gardens outside and see some of the artwork around the LCC space as well.

LOCATION: UIC Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center, Lecture Center B2

Seminar Contact:
Lauren De Jesus

Jocelyn Munguia


Leadership 101
July 16, 2019

Leadership 101 is a fun, engaging, and interactive seminar designed to introduce today's emerging high school scholars to the art and science of leadership. The academy will introduce the fundamentals of problem solving, teamwork building, professional competence, critical & creative thinking skills, and adaptability & flexibility. Students will engage in activities that will allow them to practically apply these skills to leadership problems.

Students will also engage in stimulating collaborative discussions with faculty, instructors, and college students about the proven strategies for successful leadership. We will explore how this basic understanding of the qualities of leadership can help facilitate a positive transition to college and how it can translate into occupational and personal success.

Location: RRB: ROTC Building Classroom

Seminar Contact:
Joey Minor



Self-Reflection: Uncovering strengths and interests to create your career story
July 10, 2019

This interactive session will allow participants to engage in self-reflection and story-telling to help unveil strengths and interests. Participants will go through self-reflection exercises, pair shares and group discussions to spark intuitive insights. Participants will learn about career tools and resources available to them to continue the career exploration process and action steps to get started.

LOCATION: University Hall- Room 401

Seminar Contact:
Liz Herrera


Study Abroad: Experience the World Beyond Your Classroom
July 10 OR July 15, 2019

Whether on a short-term six-week program or for a full semester or year, studying abroad enhances your academic plan and career track. It engages you with the diversity of the world outside your classroom. Learn what studying abroad means, where you can go, and how to fit it into your curriculum for credit toward graduation.

LOCATION: Behavioral Sciences Building- Room 250

Seminar Contact:
Chris Deegan


Tips and Tricks to Navigating the myUIC Portal
July 15 OR July 16, 2019

The myUIC portal is your gateway to the UIC world. Everything from financial aid information to class registration can be found on UIC’s student portal. This session is designed for incoming first-year students to learn about how to use this portal throughout the year and as a checklist prior to the start of classes. We will walk through different portal tools and resources that students use to be successful at UIC.

LOCATION: Behavioral Sciences Building- TBD

Seminar Contact:
Dan Brumbach