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Make the data talk: Data Visualization for Beginners

This program will be facilitated on-campus.

IT Chronicles notes that a staggering 2,000,000,000,000,000,000 (2 quintillion) bytes of data are generated daily across all industries. This data will be worth around $77 billion by 2023, and it's barely the beginning! Through data visualization and storytelling, future professionals will have huge opportunities to create value and impact. In this workshop, we will explore real-world scenarios and data sets from 3 different disciplines: Finance/Business, Health Care, and Arts/Humanities. However, the skills learned in this training would be transferable across all fields. This 2-day workshop is intended for newcomers to data visualization with no prior experience and will consist of expert lectures and hands-on exercises.


June 28-June 29, 2022 (On Campus)
Tuesday and Wednesday
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

SCE (Student Center East 401)


Ana Maria Sokovic