Summer Excel


Summer Excel is a comprehensive six-week academic residential program that serves a diverse community of undergraduate students. Participants are introduced to the rigor and UIC Care team at Chicago’s research university. Students access the very best of UIC through meaningful academic and co-curricular opportunities, designed to foster academic engagement, social belonging, and life-long learning. Scholars enroll in a credit-bearing course and have access to a suite of academic support, advising, and peer coaching to promote a successful transition to UIC in their first semester and beyond. ENGL 160 is the course that will be offered this summer and it will fulfill the UIC first semester writing composition requirement. This course is required for graduation. All students will enroll in the same section during summer session.

Upon successful completion of UIC Summer Excel, students will be able to:

- Demonstrate knowledge of the UIC Student Success team and the many campus resources
- Describe academic learning strategies and healthy academic behaviors required for life-long learning
- Understand how to meet their own intellectual, psychological, and physical needs


June 24-August 2, 2019


9:00 am- 5:00 pm


Incoming freshmen who were accepted after applying are expected to participate in the program.
Students interested in enrolling in UIC Summer Excel must first accept their offer of admissions via  Once you have accepted your offer, you will be able to sign up for Summer Excel, using the link provided. To be eligible to participate in Summer Excel, students will be required to complete the English placement AND have placed into ENGL 160. If students place into ENGL 071 or ENGL 161 or any other placement, they will not be eligible for Summer Excel.

  • The deadline to accept your offer of admission is May 1, 2019
  • The deadline to submit the UIC Summer Excel Enrollment Form is May 15, 2019

Questions or concerns?  Please do not hesitate to contact us at



The total cost of the program is mostly covered by institutional support and the Department of Education, which covers tuition and fees, housing, and meals. Students do not pay out-of-pocket for their textbooks. If there are additional readings that require a purchase, the instructor will notify the scholars through the syllabus.
The only cost that students need to pay is a one-time $100 participation fee. Selected students will receive an email correspondence to secure a link to make the participation fee.



In order to participate in UIC Summer Excel, scholars must agree to the following terms and conditions, applicable for the duration of the six-week program:

  1. Students must arrive by June 24 at 12 pm (noon) and stay for the duration of the program through Friday, August 2, 2019.
  2. Summer Excel is a full-time, academic residential program, and scholars are required to attend all lectures, discussions, workshops, tutoring, seminars, and activities scheduled for them as a Bridge scholar.
  3. The Summer Excel Team will monitor scholars’ course progress and related activities to assist them in meeting the requirements of the program.
  4. Students must live in the residence halls designated for scholars.
  5. Sctudents may not take a reduced course load during Bridge, nor take additional summer courses.
  6. Students may not hold a paid or unpaid job or internship.
  7. Students may not participate concurrently in other summer programs.
  8. Students must adhere to the University’s Code of Conduct. These rules of conduct are intended to foster behaviors that are consistent with a civil and educational setting.
Summer Excel students are expected to pass the course with a grade of C or better. Students are further expected to: Attend and actively participate in each lecture, discussion, workshop, and scheduled tutoring sessions
Complete all reading, writing, and homework assignments on time, to the highest quality possible, including any missed work.A pattern of absences may result in dismissal from the program.
Student’s transcript will indicate enrollment in a non-degree seeking course. The transcript will include the grades and GPA earned during Summer Excel. ENGL 160 will be taken as a letter grade. Students must speak with their instructor and academic advisor before changing a graded class to Credit/No Credit or to find out the deadlines to withdraw, change grading option, etc.  Please refer to the Undergraduate Student Catalog for more information:
No refunds will be given for withdrawal, dismissal, or leave of absence after the first day of Bridge. Scholars will be assessed a $100 cancellation fee regardless of reason, and any housing, dining, textbook, summer session, and class fees incurred.



We’re looking forward to your arrival! Below is a move-in guide, which also include additional information about the orientation schedule.

Where: TBD. Scholars must bring a photo ID to check-in, at which they receive their room key and room assignment.When: Move-in takes place on Monday, June 24th from 8:00am – 12:00pm (noon)

Parking: TBD. Be sure to purchase a daily permit and place it on the car dashboard to avoid receiving a parking ticket. We strongly recommend parking first and walking to check-in. Once you have your room key, you can borrow one of our carts to shuttle your belongings.

Move-out: Scholars check out of the residential hall by 10:00 pm on Friday, August 2nd. Please make your travel plans accordingly, and in advance.

The University provides each resident with a bed, twin mattress, desk, desk chair, drawer space, and closet/wardrobe space. Visit the Move-In page hosted by UIC Housing to consider what to bring and what not to bring:

Suggested Personal Documents & Information

Student NetID number
UIC log-in and password
Passport, driver’s license, or state-issued ID card
Social security number
ATM and/or bank card
Health Insurance card
Important medical documents (i.e., prescriptions, immunization history, etc.)
University documents (any documents you have been asked to submit in person (i.e., proof of citizenship, disability documentation, etc.)


Students who participate in UIC Summer Excel live together in a residential complex located on-campus. The Summer Excel team lives on-site with the scholars to provide programs and activities, as well as help support their academic requirements for the summer.

To apply for UIC Summer Excel housing, you must first accept your offer of admission from UIC and enroll in Summer Excel. Your Summer Excel Enrollment Form is also the same form used to verify your housing and meals. The deadline to complete your Enrollment Form is May 15.

Summer Excel rooms are double and/or triple occupancy, either in an apartment/suite style. Refer to the Housing website for a list of amenities and services.

UIC offers a wide range of meal venues, many of which will be open during Summer Excel. On certain days, other arrangements will be made, such as when the group participants in off-site cultural events. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options can be made available at all meals.Scholars requiring food accommodations for health, allergy or religious reasons should email Joseph Fields, Summer Director at PLAN:
The Summer Excel meal plan allows students to choose from a variety of options and locations near the residential halls or at other locations across campus.



Joseph Fields
Summer Director, UIC Summer Excel
Associate Director, African American Academic Network
1200 W. Harrison St., Student Services Building
Chicago, IL 60607