If you really want to feel that the UIC campus is your home, the best way to do it is to live on campus while you’re here participating in Summer College.

Living on campus allows you to meet other Summer College students, make friends and take advantage of everything that UIC and the city of Chicago has to offer.

As an incoming freshman, you’ll gain an educational advantage if you already have experience studying between classes, learning teamwork skills with other residents in the halls, and being familiar with the campus and Chicago.

One of the special aspects of college is that you spend more time outside of class than inside it. It’s important to learn how to get the most of that out-of-class time as well. So take advantage of our special housing program for Summer College students.



How will I pay?
The cost for housing will be put on your student account.

I heard there was a way to live on campus for free during Summer College. How does that work?

Students who sign up to live on campus during Summer College (at http://housing.uic.edu/summer) will have the cost of Summer College housing put on their UIC student account in August. Students who also enroll and successfully complete the “Campus Housing: Learning Beyond the Classroom” (http://summercollege.uic.edu/campus-housing-learning-beyond-classroom/) (LBC) six-week program will receive up to two credits on their student bill:

  • Students who are living on-campus only during Summer College will receive a credit toward half the cost of a double room during their Summer College program.
  • Students who are also living on-campus during the 2018-2019 school year will also receive an additional credit toward half the cost of a double room during their Summer College program.

(The fine print):

  • Students are required to have a meal plan as part of living on-campus. (Approximately $104/week for All-You-Care-To-Eat Monday through Friday during Summer College.)
  • Students are eligible to apply for a single room (depending on availability). Students would be responsible for the difference in cost between single and double rooms.
  • Students who participate in the three-week Math Summer College program are eligible both to live on-campus during that time and to participate in the “Campus Housing: Learning Beyond the Classroom” six-week program. Credit for successful completion of the Housing (LBC) program will be based only on the Housing charges accrued. (e.g., If the student only stays on-campus during the three weeks when they are enrolled in both the Math program and the LBC program, then the size of their credits would be reduced accordingly.)

For questions about your specific situation, contact Nick Ardinger at ardinger@uic.edu.

What is provided?
Each student gets a single room in a shared apartment and shares a living room, kitchen and bathroom with 1 or 3 other residents. All rooms are furnished with twin extra long beds, desk chair, closet drawers, shelving, and telephone with free calling in the contiguous US. Apartments are equipped with full kitchens with an oven/stove, full size refrigerator/freezer, sink, and cabinets. Each student will have a plate, bowl, cup, mug, knife, fork, and spoon. Each apartment will have pots, pans, coffee maker, toaster, dishtowels and dishcloth. The bathroom has a shower, sink, and toilet.

Cable TV and internet (including wireless) are included in the rate.

Can I choose my roommate?
You can list another member of Summer College (if desired) as long as the requests are mutual, in writing, and of the same gender. Summer College students will be housed with each other in the same area of the building.

What about safety?
The apartments on the south end of campus feature 24-hour desk monitoring by student staff and outside security (who also provide roving patrols).  Twenty-four hours a day, students must use their keys or ID to enter the building. Guests must be signed in. And closed-circuit cameras are in common areas to provide an extra layer of security. In addition, UIC police officers are state troopers who work closely with the City of Chicago and Cook County Sheriff’s office, and work with students to make them aware of safety issues. There are also over 1000 Star-Tel poles located across campus that will automatically call police.

What else do I get besides the room?
Campus Housing provides Summer Housing Assistants who are on duty in the evenings to deal with policy issues and student concerns. They also work with students to plan events, such as trips to cultural events in the city or barbecues in the courtyard.

Sounds great! Can the whole family stay?
You must be attending an approved Summer College program as a UIC student to take advantage of this opportunity.

Sign up for Summer College Housing here.