UIC Summer College

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Welcome New UIC Student!

Want to fast-track your college education? Come to UIC Summer College! The programs are tuition free, they are fun, and participating is the single best thing you can do this summer to get ready for fall!

As a UIC Summer College student, you’ll get individualized attention in small classes taught by experienced instructors. You’ll improve your skills in math, writing, creative arts, computer literacy, science, studying and note-taking, and more. You will especially benefit from participating in Summer College if you have preparatory placements in Math, Writing, and Chemistry since it will help you to Finish in Four.

You’ll meet other new students, make friends and study partners, connect with faculty and advisors, learn your way around the UIC campus, and discover UIC’s many student resources.

You’ll learn to call the UIC campus home before those first crazy days of fall semester!

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See you this summer!

Nikos Varelas
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs